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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Youtube Networks Every EDM Fan Should Follow

Next to SoundCloud, Spotify, and major digital music publications (ahem), Youtube is one of the greatest platforms for discovering new music - especially EDM.

There are channels specifically for artists and labels, but more importantly there are also hundreds of other channels that are curated solely by EDM-lovers want to distribute a variety of sounds, genres, and styles of electronic music.

To help music fans with music discovery, we've rounded up ten of our favorite Youtube networks to strengthen your "digging" skills and open your ears to the endless world of sounds that EDM offers. Check them out below:

1. Monstercat

Probably the biggest and most recognized Youtube network in EDM, Vancouver-based record label Monstercat has become a launching point for many artists careers. Their vast catalogue of singles, EPs, albums, music videos, and podcasts have garnered the attention of over 3 million Youtube subscribers, and they continue to expand their sound with new songs and new artists each month.

2. Proximity

Another contender for the biggest music distributor on Youtube, the Proximity channel hosts an equally-respected variety of music from artists both big and small. If you're not familiar with the Proximity channel already, you'll be pleasantly surprised to see how expansive their catalogue really is.

3. Majestic Casual

With a little more focus on the "indie" side of EDM and hip-hop rather than the top radio hits, Majestic Casual has been supplying followers with a unique selection of catchy and dance-worthy tracks since its inception in 2012. In addition to this main channel, they also curate MajesticDubstep and MajesticDnB.

4. UKF

UKF pioneered the age of music discovery with their iconic UKF Dubstep, UKF Drum & Bass, and UKF Electro channels, and today they stand as the biggest dubstep network on Youtube. They feature new releases, mixes, playlists, and live show recap videos so you can fully immerse yourself in the world of bass music.

5. Mr. Suicide Sheep

If the name isn't convincing enough, Mr. Suicide Sheep's collection of EDM and non-EDM tracks and mixes prove that the channel is keeping things creative and engaging. With an alternate page SuicideSheeep for strictly "free" music, there's no reason to not check out what this channel has to offer.

6. SubSoul

UK-based record label and tastemaker channel SubSoul brings all of the club vibes right to your speakers with their expansive collection of deep house, tech house, garage, bass house, chill, and lounge-focused music.

7. Trap City

If you consider yourself a trap fan and haven't seen Trap City's Youtube network, then you're either really living in the traphouse or have a crazy underground taste in 808-laden beats. These guys have expanded their network to covering every major genre of music since their inception, and continuously provide an enticing variety of bass-filled bangers.

8. La Belle Musique

Smooth, sensual, soft and savory - that's how we would describe La Belle Musique. They strive for you to "taste your paradise" with each of their releases, and with countless singles and featured artists mixtapes, it's clear why they bring such a big presence to the Youtube EDM-osphere.

9. Trap & Bass

Another top-tier trap network on Youtube is Trap & Bass. Since its launch in 2012, they've uploaded over 500 tracks from artists in the twerk, hybrid, future, and festival genres, and they're delivering a refreshing blend of this party-driven sound.

10. The Sound You Need

Pretty self explanatory on this one - The Sound You Need brings listeners an extensive collection of songs by top-tier acts and relative nobodies, and their 2 million and counting fan following has provided them all the support they need to continue shedding light on the artists that deserve it.

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