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EDM.com Spotlight

DJs Reveal The Oddest Requests Included In Their Tour Riders [VIDEO]

A new short video produced by Thump will tell you everything you wanted to know and then some about DJ riders. For those who aren't in the know, a rider is a list of items that an artist or DJ requests to have waiting for them at the venue on their stops along tour. The video features several DJ's including The Glitch Mob, Holy Ghost!, Cut Copy and more discussing their most important rider items.

Many of the DJs talk about food items included on the list, but many of the items mentioned are far stranger than you might expect. The Glitch Mob revealed that they always request a masseuse, but have only seen this request granted one time. D33J says that he requests puppies, though we're somewhat inclined to think that one probably doesn't get granted often either. However, the video makes it clear the one common item that every DJ on the road needs the most. Check it out below...

[H/T: Thump]

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