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Sciences Explains Why You Love Sad Music So Much

Ever wondered why you can't stop listening to your favorite sad song on repeat? It turns out science has an explanation. One of music's greatest powers is the ability to incite profound emotional responses from the listener, and recent research compiled by Huffington Post has helped shed light on why we love sad music so much.

Research has suggested that people enjoy listening to music because it has a calming effect on the listener. Downtrodden songs not only create a sense of peacefulness in listeners, but people who listen to sad music experience enhanced levels of empathy, due to connecting to the emotional content of the music without having an association with the actual causes of that sadness.

Sad music of course also has a therapeutic effect on listeners, providing solace to us when we're down. Music is often powerful enough to evoke a tearful reaction from the listener, and research has found that an hour and a half after a good cry we start to feel better.

Lastly, sad music creates a sense of attachment when we can relate to its emotive themes. Coupled with repeated listenings, our emotional response to a song increases as we become ensnared in a cycle of attachment and subsequent listening.

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