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Soundcloud Is Cracking Down On Reposts

As Souncloud continues to strike the right balance between service and community, some users have reported that they are now being punished for reposting too many tracks. 1833.fm, who average 3 to 6 reposts a day, reported that their account was temporarily blocked from reposting other users' tracks, as Soundcloud banned their ability to use the function for nine hours.

However, Soundcloud doesn't seem to be instating the same repost limits for users across the service, as other accounts with similar activity to 1833.fm have not had the same difficulties. In fact, a contributor for Pigeons and Planes reported that they reposted 60 tracks in one sitting without even receiving a warning. Soundcloud has offered up their terms of use guide, and you can learn more about that here.

Read Souncloud's message regarding repost limits below...

[H/T: PigeonsAndPlanes]

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