DanceOn Releases Captivating Dance Video Set to 'Movements' by Pham ft. Yung Fusion

DanceOn's Artist Request program is dedicated to pairing up-and-coming EDM artists with other emerging dancers and choreographers to create captivating "video stories", and the latest installment to their weekly series is "mental" to say the least.

Directed by Tim Milgram and choreographed by lead dancer Phillip Chbeeb, the latest episode in the series is set to the tone of DJ/producer PHAM's chart-topping single "Movements" featuring rapper Yung Fusion, and it eerily captures a mesmerizing succession of double-jointed dance moves by Chbeeb and fellow dancer Liza Riabinina.

Titled "Postmortem", the video follows Chbeeb as he demonstrates his rubber-like dance moves from his hospital bed to an operating table on which Riabinina lies. He then "awakens" her from her sleep and joins her in a sequence of jaw-dropping contortions and symmetrical motions that truly question the meaning of "movements".

Keep an eye out for more amazing videos from DanceOn's Artist Request series and stream/purchase "Movements" on SoundCloud below!

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