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EDM.com Spotlight

This Blueprint Is Like A Cheat Sheet For Electronic Music History

It all began with Robert Moog's 1964 synthesizers. It wasn't until after groups like The Doors and The Byrds began using this technology that dance and disco could later be born. But the technology that Moog used dates back to the earliest days of the phonautograph and theremin in the 1800s. It was the theremin that also inspired designer James Quail to create the Electronic Love Blueprint, which connects nearly 200 music innovators to outline the rich history of the genre.

As Quail told Wired, the map's modules, arrows and lines show the connections and evolutionary steps based on the "common link[s]—whether that’s a style, or instrument, or an influence on one another."

Take a closer look at the electronic music history cheat sheet with these zoomed-in shots below...

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