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EDM.com Spotlight

Festival Implements Policy Completely Banning Media From Event

The tragic death of two young women at HARD Summer Festival back in August incited an emotionally charged debate on how festivals and event organizers can ensure the health and safety of its party-goers. After a third death at an EDM show at the same venue, supervisors proposed a ban of EDM events in Los Angeles county.

While the ban did not happen, HARD was forced to apply a 21+ age restriction and a 40,000 person cap on their upcoming Day Of The Dead event. Police authorities also told reporters they were preparing extra for the Dead Of The Dead festival, taking place this weekend at the Fairplex in Pomona, California.

And now, the HARD concert brand has implemented a media blackout for the Halloween event this weekend. The policy, which goes across-the-board, will prevent media correspondents of any kind from entering the event and is most likely an attempt to minimize additional damaging publicity.

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