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The Techno King Of Ibiza Is Now Launching His Own Festival

Veteran DJ, venerated tastemaker and techno pioneer Carl Cox announced a couple of weeks ago that 2016 would be his last year at the renowned Ibiza club Space. In an past interview with MixMag, Cox explained that after 15 years, "[He'd] be quite happy to walk away from it and do something else." Now we know what that "something else" is. The international DJ is preparing to launch his own techno festival.

Cox just unveiled these plans in an interview with InTheMix ahead of his appearance at Electronic Music Conference in Sydney. The new festival will start in two Australian cities, Melbourne and Sydney, in April of 2016.

"I am looking to build my own bespoke Carl Cox festival in Australia. It’s going to be called Pure and all I’m going to be concentrating on is underground DJs who have a vibe for house and techno."

While Cox couldn't tell InTheMix exactly where, when and who will be involved, he could confirm that "primarily you’re going to have the best DJs playing the best music. Hopefully we can build it into something annually for Australia."

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