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See Why These Wild Sea Creatures Were Born To Rave [VIDEO]

Ctenophora, aka the comb jelly, is a marine phylum and the largest sea creatures that swim by cilia, or hairs. Ranging in size from a few millimeters to nearly five feet, these creatures are like jelly fish in that they rely on a nervous system instead of a brain, but the way that they move and get around is rather unique and results in a pretty cool light show of sorts.

These jellies use rows of cilia, or combs, to get around. Running the length of their bodies, the cilia are aligned in a way that when one row beats, it sends a wave of movement down the rows below it. This makes them "ready to rave," as Wired puts it. When light hits the rows of cilia, or combs, it sends them rippling and flashing with color.

Check it out in the video below...

[H/T Wired]


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