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EDM.com Spotlight

This Tool Will Tell You How Creative Or Unoriginal Your Costume Is

There are literally shows on shows for EDM fans this Halloween (check out our list of this year's best Halloween EDM events here), so whether you have your costume figured out yet or not, there's a handy tool to help you decide.

Google has taken its search and trends data to create a cool site that tells you just how creative or unoriginal your Halloween costume is while also compiling the top-trending costumes nationally and locally.

Check out the top-trending costumes nationally...

1. Harley Quinn
2. Star Wars
3. Superhero
4. Pirate
5. Batman
6. Minnie Mouse
7. Witch
8. Minions
9. Joker
10. Wonder Woman

Check out the top-trending costumes locally in these major cities and EDM hubs...

Seattle, WA - Harley Quinn
Los Angeles, CA - Star Wars
Las Vegas, NV - Harley Quinn
Denver, CO - Star Wars
Chicago, IL - Batman
Washington, DC - Batman
New York, NY - Superhero
Boston, MA - Pirate
Atlanta, GA - Pirate
Miami, FL
- Harley Quinn

See how your costume compares by heading over to Google's website Frightgeist here.

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