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This New Mercedes Self-Driving Concept Car Is A Rave On Wheels [Photos]

The world's oldest automaker Mercedes-Benz continues to reveal forward-thinking designs that are changing the way we think about driving. Most recently, the automaker unveiled its Mercedes-Benz Vision Tokyo, a self-driving conceptual car that takes cues from video games, science fiction and... rave culture!

The Vision Tokyo is a five-seat electric van with 26-inch wheels, glowing hubs and a color-changing, flashing LED grille. The sides of the van are wrapped in a vinyl that ensures privacy while the windshield boasts a panoramic design. Its hybrid hydrogen fuel-cell system allows it to travel over 600 miles before refills with zero emissions.

While the self-driving car does have a steering wheel, driving control features are limited and even the driver's seat conveniently stows away during automated trips. The main cabin and interior, as its described by Yahoo, is "a limo-like space that gives in to the idea of car as nightclub first and transportation second." Perferated seats show off LED insets while the entertainment systems are envisioned to feature 3-D hologram controls.

Source: Yahoo

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