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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Carl Cox Throw Down In The Beatport Studio At ADE [VIDEO]

As part of a new initiative to connect global audiences to live events outside of their region, Beatport has unveiled 60 new videos documenting one of EDM's biggest and most anticipated annual events, Amsterdam Dance Event. Among the videos dropped by Beatport yesterday is a two-hour live set that sees legendary DJ Carl Cox, Jon Rundell and Cristian Varela hitting the decks at the Beatport studio.

Cox spins for about an hour, dropping a mix of high energy house and techno, seamlessly blending each track into the next. Delivering on his status as one of the best in the industry, he brings his A game to the set, mixing in an eclectic mix of danceable beats and spaced out electronic soundscapes. Cox keeps his track selection diverse, working in a variety of styles, moods and genres into his set.

Watch the video below, Carl Cox starts his set around the halfway mark...

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