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Here's How EDM Fans Can Get The Most Out Of Car Sound Systems

If you're an EDM fan with a daily commute, a solid sound system is not only a worthy investment, but an essential one. Thanks to A Journal Of Musical Things, we're passing on all the necessary components you need to EDMify your car's sound system.

First things first, you'll need to invest in a set of good speakers, because that's where good sound begins. The stock speakers your car's manufacturers dumped on you simply won't do the trick when you need a fresh dose of beats and bass on the way to your day job.

Upgrading to a decent set of speakers is the first step, but once you've got the speakers, you'll be wondering where all the bass is. You'll need to invest in a powerful sub to crank up the low end as well, because if there's no bass, what will Skrillex be dropping? You may even want to invest in a capacitor to free up some power for the rest of your system.

Now you've got your sound system game on fleek, but you failed to take into account how bad you're lossy 128 kbps MP3s sound on a decent set of speakers. Never accept MP3s with a lower bit rate than 320 kbps unless you want to slap the producer in the face. If you can swing it, stick to CDs or lossless FLAC files.

Both road noise and driving distractions will affect your ultimate EDM experience on the go, so make sure you have hands-free options available for when it's time to switch things up. Nothing ruins a killer drop like road noise, so sound proofing with Dynatape, breaker kits and hushmats is a necessity.

[H/T: AJournalOfMusicalThings]

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