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EDM.com Spotlight

One Of EDM's Longest Running Labels Launches Free Music Service

Following the announcement of the split with Martin Garrix, Spinnin' Records is unveiling a new subscription service that aims to give music away to fans for free. Fans simply sign up for the new Spinnin' Premium service to get access to all the free swag. Tracks will be available for free to subscribers for a two week window.

In a comment, Spinnin' Records CEO Eelkovan Kooten explained the reasoning behind the switch to a freemium model.

"The music industry is changing rapidly. The focus is shifting from paying for your music to streaming and other freemium models. People are now expecting music to be available how and whenever they want it. We've always acknowledged this by sharing as much of our releases as possible on social media and streaming sites, [and] now we break down that final wall by giving away the music as free downloads."

The first free track available to subscribers is "Ghostchild" by Firebeatz and Apster featuring Spree Wilson. You can sign up for the new service here.

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