EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

New TomorrowWorld Documentary Follows 5 People On The Quest For Happiness

Elite Daily just dropped a new mini-documentary called The People Of Dreamville, detailing the epic TomorrowWorld experiences of several different people as they live out their raver dreams at one of EDM's biggest and most beloved festivals. Showcasing the unique stories of a handful of festival goers, The People Of Dreamville takes you on a journey with the People of Tomorrow as they search for the key of happiness.

The documentary follows the stories of five different people and the personal reasons they traveled far and wide to witness the magic of TomorrowWorld. With diverse backgrounds, the film's subjects give us a glimpse into why TomorrowWorld isn't just a festival, but a community that leaves lasting, positive influences on peoples' lives.

Whether it's beating cancer, falling in love, or living it up before being deployed by the military, these five people tell us their TomorrowWorld stories as they beautifully unfold.

Watch The People Of Dreamville below...

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