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China Used A Crazy Music Video To Promote Its New Economic Plan [WATCH]

China created and released the strangest infographic sing along video to promote their soon to be announced five year economic plan. Featuring a string of catchy politically themed lyrics, accompanied by a surreal animated video, filled with images of hippie buses, blooming lotus flowers, ping pong, dinosaurs and floating mouths that sing along with the jingle.

The video was produced in order to increase awareness of the Shisanwu, which means the "thirteenth five" as it represents the country's thirteenth five-year economic plan. Apparently this type of propaganda is normal in China, but to western eyes it is truly bizarre.

The video is clearly designed to appeal to youthful creative sensibilities with bright colors, flashy graphics and singing animated characters, one of which is dressed like David Bowie with his iconic lightning bolt face paint. The worst part is that the song is an absolute earworm and is unfortunately likely to get stuck in your head.

Check out the strange video below...

[H/T: TheWallStreetJournal]

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