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Russia Uses Crystal Method Music Over Syrian Bombing Propaganda [VIDEO]

Russia released a disturbing new piece of propaganda this week, delivering a carefully produced video featuring footage of drone strikes on Syria. The footage depicts Jobar in ruins, as drones continue to pummel the city. The propaganda video aired on Russian State television, all set to the upbeat soundtrack of The Crystal Method's "High Roller".

The Crystal Method has issued an official statement regarding Russia's unauthorized use of their music.

"It has come to our attention over the last 24 hours that the Kremlin via Russian state broadcaster VGTRK have used our song 'High Roller' as the soundtrack to some shocking drone footage from Syria. The use of our music in this context is in no way authorized and The Crystal Method do not condone the use of violence for the resolution of any conflict. Our hearts go out to the people of Syria affected by this terrible war and their friends and families."

It's not the first time a political body has used a group's music without authorization, but it's definitely one of the more disturbing cases. It's a troubling example of modern war time propaganda, as the film glamorizes it's terrible destruction and violent imagery as slickly produced state sanctioned entertainment, and it's unauthorized use of The Crystal Method's music must be particularly disheartening for the duo.

Watch Russia's propoganda video below:

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