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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Chris Lake's Latest Single 'Stranger'

Scottish house purveyor Chris Lake dropped a new house track titled "Stranger" this week, released through the Ultra Music label. Featuring elements of deep house and what has developed signature sound, the new track shows why this 33-year old is really finding his stride in the dance music world right now.

"Stranger" opens with a dark, drifting chord sequence as a barrage of percussion slowly begins to fill the speakers with growing noise before deep house stabs dominate the track. "Stranger" features pitch shifted deep style house vocals, and club ready beats that propell the song forward.

Lake told Wall Street Journal why this year, in particular, has him so inspired.

“I’m in a headspace that’s taking my sound into new and exciting directions. I think this record . . . fully represents what I like to achieve in a dance track, and it’s one of my favorite records to play in clubs.”

Listen to "Stranger" below, and then purchase your own copy from one of multiple online stores here.

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