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Frankie Knuckles' Vast Vinyl Collection Is Now Open To The Public

House Icon Frankie Knuckles had an expansive accumulated collection of vinyl records at the time of his death, about 5,000 of which are currently on display at Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago. Starting today, the public will have access to this huge record collection.

Randy Crumpton, a man who helped to organize the Frankie Knuckles Foundation, commented that Knuckles had talked about what would happen to his record collection post-mortem.

"Frankie had mentioned, 'If you get the records, you probably want the bags that I carried them in, because the bags have the stamps from the various countries I've been to.'"

The decision to display the records at the Arts Bank came after Crumpton met with Andrea Dunson, a former friend of Knuckles.

"I didn't realize his body of work was as large as it is - it just made me realize the span of time. There were a couple surprises - like a dead snake in one of the record bags. His mom died when he was fairly young - his sister raised him, and she raised him on jazz music. He could appreciate jazz, so you may find some easy-listening stuff, you may find some pop stuff in here. Everyone will be able to access a database - artist, title, label, and catalog number - but will have to "complete a free orientation to learn the protocols for handling the materials."

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