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5 More EDM Artists That Released Under Different Aliases Before They Went Big

You may have caught our first editorial on Skrillex, Diplo, Knife Party, Madeon and Porter Robinson all releasing music under different aliases. Now, we're back for Round 2 as we explore the earlier works of five more artists who have dance music alter egos.

Deadmau5 - Halcyon411

Joel Zimmerman is best known for his stage name deadmau5, but it isn’t the only moniker he's released music through. Besides his group projects BSOD (with Steve Duda) and Testpilot (with Ritchie Hawtin), Joel has released music under the name Halcyon411. Between 1998 and 2002, Joel released under the name Halcylon411 on his SectionZ page, an electronic musicians community where artist could share their creations for critique and feedback (this was pre-Myspace). There was a full compilation officially released later with the straightforward title of “deadmau5 Circa 1998–2002.” The official release did not come until 2006, but the 35-track, self-released compilation is the earliest deadmau5 work to be found. Check out the full album stream below for three hours of deadmau5 you probably haven't heard. What’s interesting is this release features the song "Aural Psynapse," which was remade and re-released in 2011.

Flux Pavilion - Josh Extravaganza

What’s cool about Flux Pavillion (Joshua Kierkegaard) previously being the artist Josh Extravaganza is that some of his music released under the old name is still on his current soundcloud. This is a case where a persona change was needed. If you listen to Josh’s earlier music, you will hear that it’s an acoustic approach and not at all electronic based. Check out the tracks “Hurricane” and “Feel OK” below. There are several more tracks on the internet released under the name Josh Extravaganza from around 2007-2008, before Josh focused on Flux Pavilion and co-founded circus records in 2009. And Flux can sing!

DJ Snake - Logan DeGaulle

DJ Snake (William Grigahcine) was known as Logan De Gaulle before he became known as DJ Snake. In 2009, Logan De Gaulle was featured on the official remixes for R&B singer Trey Songz's track “LOL” and also released some original work. The early work by Will does not have that DJ Snake characteristic sound, but does have influences of club music and is interesting to look back at, nonetheless.

Avicii - Tim Berg

Avicii’s real name is Tim Bergling and before settling on the name Avicii, he simply released music as Tim Berg. That’s why you might see videos and songs labeled Tim Berg (AKA Avicii). After he became an international megastar, more and more fans wanted to check out his whole body of work, including early tracks like “street dancer,” which you can check out below. There are also tracks like "Tim Berg - Bromance (Aviciis Arena Mix)," where Avicii basically remixed himself. Having two aliases was pretty pointless in this case since both identities released the exact same kind of music, but fans can stumble on older tracks pre the era of Avicii.


Flume’s old reddit account revealed he used to release under the alias HEDS. The music released under that name has a more glitchy influence than the signature chill electronic Flume sound he's become famous for. HEDS was Harley’s main focus, until his Flume project gained tracked and was signed to Future Classic. Check out the track "Flow" to hear some of Harley’s older work. You can also check out his old myspace at myspace.com/heds123 for even more HEDS music.

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