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The Director Of Drake's Viral Video Had One Specific Goal In Mind

At this point, if you haven't seen the outrageous video for Drake's "Hotline Bling", you should contact your internet service provider and complain because something is wrong. Drake's dancing featured in the video became a viral sensation in and of itself, resulting in hundreds of hilarious memes clogging up feeds with no sign of slowing down.

In a recent interview, Tech Insider spoke with the video's Director X about the instantly iconic dance moves.

X revealed to Tech Insider that his goal is to get more men moving on the dance floor and to remove cultural restrictions attached to male dancing. He discusses the social trends that have led many men to feel that dancing could make them seem less masculine, and wants to encourage more men to feel confident in dancing.

"They've confused it. They think being tough is not dancing. But just like most ideas that guys have about the world works, they're completely wrong. A real man goes out there and dances. He's not afraid of anybody. Every attribute you get associated with when you're dancing and having fun are good ones — someone might find you sexy, socially brave, socially conscious."

He talks about the video's visual aesthetic, revealing that the stark sets were as important to the final product as Drake's dancing.

"If it was just [Drake] dancing on a street corner, it would've gotten a lot of attention. But the whole visual of it — when you saw those rooms, you were like, 'What is this? Who is he?' Especially for the person who saw it first in a meme."

X brought the interview to a close with one last prediction.

"We're starting a revolution. You're gonna go out one night and there's gonna be guys dancing on the dance floor. They're not just gonna be grinding."

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