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EDM.com Spotlight

RL Grime Drops Halloween Mix Ft. RL Stine & Comedian Hannibal Buress

LA-based trap and hip hop producer RL Grime just dropped his fourth annual Halloween mix, delivering over an hour of continuous music to spook up your weekend soundtrack. The latest Halloween mix features special guest appearances by Goosebumps author R.L. Stine and comedian Hannibal Buress, and RL Grime has offered it up as a free download on Soundcloud.

The mix opens with an ominous piano intro reminiscent of John Carpenter's soundtrack work, setting the hair raising vibe of RL Grime's track selection. The mix sports a plethora of banging trap tunes with whining synth leads and deep 808 kicks that will get crowds moving, interspersed between cinematic musical vignettes.

The cameos from Stine and Buress add to the fun of the mix with Buress dropping a humorous voicemail about why he does comedy. Head over to Soundcloud to grab the free download, then listen to RL Grime's 2015 Halloween mix below...

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