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EDM.com Spotlight

Barack Obama Gets A Thriller Mashup Just In Time For Halloween

If there's one thing we can all agree on about Barack Obama's presidency, it would have to be the seemingly endless supply of the POTUS's speeches mashed up to give the impression that he's singing well known pop songs. This common meme was popularized by baracksdubs, who just released the latest piece of presidential pop song perfection, dropping an Obama-fied remix of Micheal Jackson's famous hit "Thriller".

Obama's trademark deadpan political splur gets cut up and mashed together to form the well known hooks, each word shifting from speech to speech to form a coherent sentence. Everybody loves "Thriller" and the sight of the President melodically spitting its catchy lyrics is the perfect way to get you into the Halloween spirit.

Watch Barack Obama sing "Thriller" below...

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