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EDM.com Spotlight

EMA Presents Plan To Task Force To Prevent Ban Of EDM In LA County

Following the deaths of two young women at HARD Summer earlier this year, Los Angeles country organized an Electronic Music Task Force that has been meeting since September to discuss the possibility of an EDM ban on county owned venues. The task force has assembled a panel of experts, concert attendees, and service providers to present a standard of practices for the industry to ensure the safety of everyone who attends EDM events.

On November 5th, executive director of Electronic Music Alliance and head of the task force subcommittee Janine Jordan will present their alternatives to a potential EDM ban, emphasizing harm reduction strategies that realize the inadequacies of zero tolerance drug policies. As part of their hard reduction plan, the task force will present safety recommendations for EDM events.

Attendees and staff at events would receive medical training on how to respond to possible overdoses, dehydration, heat stroke and hearing protection. Free water would also be available at all events, and cool down areas would be set up for concert goers feeling the heat. Additionally, health tents would be available and clearly marked, safety information will be distributed, and an early warning drug checking system would be put into place.

Janine Jordan commented on the state of drug use at EDM events, stating that it's not specific to any one subculture.

"Our community is often blamed for drug use, and inflated fears over MDMA run rampant in the press. Drug use is not special to our community; it is prevalent in society as a whole."

[H/T: VirtualStrategy]

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