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DJ Pledges To Stop Using Pyrotechnics After Tragic Fire In Romania

Following the news that 27 Romanian clubbers died after a disastrous fire erupted within a nightclub last night, German-American DJ and producer Markus Schulz took to Facebook today to announce some important news. Schulz reached out to the family and friends of the those lost in the accident last night, expressing his deep sadness regarding the tragic event.

Out of respect for the terrible loss of life, as well as the more than 200 injured in the incident, Schulz has vowed to totally and completely discontinue any use of pyrotechnics or flame based effects in his live performances. Citing the safety of the fans, Schulz has called upon other DJs and venues to take a similar stance to prevent accidents of this nature from occurring in the future.

Read his full statement below:

Accidents of this nature are not isolated to the incident in Romania that occurred last night. Earlier this summer, a crowd of over 200 people was engulfed in flames after a similar accident resulted in colored powder igniting over the audience.

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