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NASA Discovers Asteroid Will Pass Close To Earth Today [VIDEO]

NASA has revealed that an asteroid, TB145 to be specific, will be passing very close to the earth today. While the asteroid poses no threat to the earth on this pass, it will come within about 298,000 miles of our planet. NASA only recently became aware of TB145, but upon its passing of the earth it will yield an astronomical amount of scientific data.

Scientists will be using powerful optical telescopes to study the asteroid. Radar will also be implemented to gather topographical data about the cosmic rock and because of the asteroid's closeness to earth, scientists will get a rare look at its composition.

NASA has been insistent that there is no need to worry that the asteroid will strike the earth and do us like the dinosaurs, stating that there's no chance it will impact the planet in the next century.

Watch the video below for more...

[H/T: BBC]

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