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Manchester Had A Rave To Protest Against Conservative Party [VIDEO]

A protest rave in the UK has been shut down by the police, who brought the party to an end Sunday morning. The protest event, which took place in Picadilly Gardens in Manchester and was set to a steady soundtrack of Drum and Bass and other types of music, began Friday night around 10 pm and ran until about 9 am today, when police began seizing speakers and audio equipment.

Police presence had been maintained at the protest who stated the ravers were peaceful, but nearby residents had had enough of the noise, which they commented was shaking windows and floors.

With hordes of people gathered in the garden to dance in solidarity, the anti-austerity rave was in protest of the Conservative party in England. However, there have been many complaints from local residents and hotels that the noise level was disruptive, and the gardens were filled with litter and broken glass.

In a statement, the Manchester Police explained their decision to end the festivities.

"Throughout the last two days officers have tried to reason with the organizers to find a middle ground which would enable their protest to continue without causing such unreasonable disruption to the wider community. Unfortunately they have shown little regard for others, refused to turn the music down to reasonable levels and as a result have made life very uncomfortable for residents and businesses."

Now that the police have shut the event down, the protesters have left the site and clean up can commence.

Check out pictures and videos of the protest rave below...

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