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EDM.com Spotlight

Indian Bass Producer Premieres Album During Religious Parade [VIDEO]

To promote the release of his new album Bass Rani, Indian bass music producer Nucleya debuted the new LP from a moving truck during Mumbai's Ganesh Chaturthi festival, an enormous annual religious parade.

Nucleya recounts approaching the festival organizers to get clearance to perform at the event. It was a drawn out process that involved tons of paperwork and stringent attention paid to the details.

"When I approached them, I thought they'd say no. Because it's so electronic. But it wasn't that way. We just understood each other's vibes."

After securing his place in the parade, Nucleya was able to host one of the coolest album release parties yet, playing to a packed crowd from the mobile vehicle.

Check out a video of the performance and listen to Bass Rani below...

[H/T: Thump]
Photo credit: Adwait Patil

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