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EDM.com Spotlight

Zedd Reveals The Essentials On His Rider, Talks True Colors Tour

Zedd recently got together with MTV for an interview to discuss his current True Colors Tour, which has seen the producer and DJ hitting several cities across America and bringing along an impressive new light show with stunning visuals.

Zedd talks about creating an immersive visual experience to accompany the music for the tour.

They can expect to be in a different world for every single song and feel like they’re in a water environment and the next song happens and suddenly you switch scenarios and you’re in a space ship. When I was thinking about what production to build, I decided to do something that was as flexible as possible because I didn’t want to have that one thing that is signature, that I’m stuck with it.

Not wanting to blend in with every other EDM artist, he explains that he wanted his show to stand out.

I just like to be different. There are so many festivals right now, especially this year and the problem with that is everyone gets thrown into the same bucket and you see the same image over and over again. I wanted people to have a destination to see something unique something they will never see at a festival…I want to give back to my fans and give them a night they will never forget.

Zedd explained that his tour rider includes “Jack and vodka and a fruit plate,” as well as another surprising must-have.

I’m super into candles, I just got into it. We had a day off and one of our assistants bought a bunch of candles and I walked in and it felt so amazing I’m totally obsessed with candles now. I don’t even care if they’re on I just want to go buy candles and smell them. I just like something fresh and mellow and not too extreme, I don’t want it to smell like cologne just something nice and subtle. I’m so into candles, I can’t even believe I am.

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