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EDM.com Spotlight

Dutch Institute Warns About Super Strong Ecstasy Pill With ADE Logo

Officials have issued a warning about super potent ecstasy pills bearing the logo of Amsterdam Dance Event that are flooding Holland. Trimbos, a Dutch health institute, issued an official statement, warning users that the pills are extremely dangerous and range from 125mg to 300mg.

Amsterdam Dance Event issued a statement in support of Trimbos, asserting that despite the presence of their logo, they have no involvement in the manufacture of distribution of the drugs.

"We support the Red Alert of The Trimbos. We are shocked by this pill with our logo that might endanger the health of people. We are talking to the experts continuously and support them wherever we can. We don't have to emphasize that we are not involved in producing this pill. We say no to drugs, especially since the health of people is at stake."

A photo of the pill can be viewed below:

[H/T: MagneticMag]

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