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Bassnectar Talks His 360 New Year's Show And 'Into The Sun Part Two'

Bassnectar got together with WVUA-FM for an exclusive interview that has the producer and DJ talking about his upcoming New Years 360 Show, the "Fear vs. Love" speech from Zeitgeist that he played at Red Rocks earlier this year, and the follow up to Into The Sun.

Bassnectar discussed his upcoming New Years show in Birmingham, and explained why fans should be excited.

"My goal is to actually fill up every body with a certain amount of sound so it's like you're vibrating. It's difficult to do it in a 360 environment, because all the sounds in the center of the room and you have all these different stacks firing out all different directions. It's actually really difficult but its epic when you put the time into it, and we've got crazy fucking bass scientists on the case."

When asked about the second part to Into The Sun, Bassnectar reveals fans can expect a wealth of material.

"It was a little irresponsible of me to talk about a second part because I just write too much music and specifically the last couple of years, i get so collaborative and there's so many wicked producers and everybody wants to team up on a track," he says. "I actually feel like the second part is already a double album and I just don't think I'm gonna release it yet."

Lastly, he explained the reasoning for playing the Bill Hicks sample from Zeitgeist earlier this year and states that it was an emotional experience for him.

"I actually got teary eyed when I first watched the movie right at that part. I was definitely teary eyed while playing it at Red Rocks and covered in goosebumps. Even now when I think about it I get goosebumps. It was definitely an emotional moment for me."

You can pick up tickets to the New Year's show here.

Listen to the interview below:

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