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This Producer Uses An Ancient Filipino Instrument To Make EDM [VIDEO]

Filipino-American music producer Ron Quesada released his debut album Till The Break Of Gong last week and bridged the gap between past and present. It is a work that juxtaposes EDM beats and the ancient Kulintang, a chromatic percussion instrument originating from the Philippines that features an array of gongs set at different pitches.

In a comment, Quesada explained his desire to introduce EDMer's to the traditional Filipino instrument.

"My purpose is to bring kulintang to young listeners and I want to bring it to listeners that aren’t necessarily looking for culture, specifically, young people are just looking for beats so by bringing kulintang with the beats together I feel like I’m really fulfilling the mission of bringing Filipino culture to the new ears, to the young people that really need to hear and experience it."

You can grab your own copy of Till The Break Of Gong here.

Check out some footage from the album release party below:

[H/T: ManilaCoconuts]

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