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EDM.com Spotlight

Alison Wonderland Stands Up To Followers For Making Rape Comments

Yesterday, Alison Wonderland took to Facebook to publicly call out two Instagram users after they left comments on one of her photos implying that they would "rape and roofie" her. Wonderland took screen shots of the comments and posted them to her Facebook, where she called out the two trolls for their internet etiquette.

Check out the post below:

The Australian artist further explained her stance on the issue in an additional comment.

"I hope anyone who has ever felt threatened by comments like these knows that it's totally acceptable to stand up for yourself and take it seriously. Humans need to be respected equally regardless of gender or job or wealth or education. Any comment said to make someone feel threatened is a crime. Call me ugly, tell me you hate my music or my voice or whatever i don't give a fuck about that shit, but implying that you want to give me a drug then rape me, joke or not, is just... oh my god... how is this even a thing?"

Later that night, she retruend to Facebook to explain that the offenders had apologized and implored her fans to re-holster their keyboard cannons and leave the "boys" and their families alone.

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