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EDM.com Spotlight

L'Radio Is Keeping The Underground Deep & Sexy

What does the "L" word mean to you? If you're thinking of that over-hyped TV show on Showtime from a few years back, go ahead and clear it from your memory because Latroit and Le Youth are bringing an entirely new meaning to the word - L'Radio.

The latest creative project from the established DJ/Producer pairing, L'Radio aims to liberate the highest quality sounds of the underground and lead its listeners straight the artists that deserve their support the most.

"Le Youth and I have a passion for highlighting the best music available both on The EDM Network and beyond. It comes from a passion that we have as artists for providing quality music, as well as a passion for finding talent within the artists we feature." - Latroit

L'Radio might not be the first podcast to provide a "spotlight" on the growing underground scene, however their method for presenting their unique catalogue is well beyond the norm. Many podcasts today fail to introduce the track selection both on and off of the podcast, and L'Radio feels that's a crime to its listeners and artists themselves.

"We're back-selling and front-selling each track and artist we feature, including their SoundCloud links, and most podcasts don't bother to do that. We're the voice of the underground, and we want people to know who their listening to." - Latroit

The first episode of L'Radio can be streamed below, and you can find the full track list after the jump as well. So kick back, relax, and enjoy the best deep and sexy music of the underground!

1) SO:DF - Deeper
2) Slaptop - Away
3) Michael Canitrot - Chain Reaction (Full Intention Remix)
4) Mystery Skulls - MAGIC (LATROIT remix)
5) Conrad Sewell - Hold Me Up (Throttle Remix)
6) Bordertown - All This Before (Endor Remix)
7) VV - Shift (Marc Baigent & Element Z Remix)
8) Nora En Pure - U Got My Body
9) Sleepy Cat - On & On (Sleepy Cat Remix)
10) Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Make You Feel (Le Youth Remix Extended Edit)
11) Tollerance Beatz Feat. Kadey James - Reflection (Original Mix)
12) Airwolf - Lose The Lazy ft. Stahsi (VIP Mix)
14) Zeier - Brap! (VIP)
15) Thee Cool Cats & Lika Morgan - Thee Worst
16) Dabin - Embers ft. Jill Harris
17) Pablo Nouvelle - Take Me To A Place ft. Liv
18) SYRE - Burn ft. Kendra Dias

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