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EDM.com Spotlight

Find Out Why Ultra Has Some Of The Best Stages In EDM [VIDEO]

UMF TV has produced a new behind the scenes feature, taking fans behind the scenes of Ultra Music Festival Miami to see what goes into organizing one of the world's biggest music festivals. In the video, we see glimpses of Oliver Heldens, Steve Aoki, Nicky Romero and more as they arrival at the festival grounds and backstage before their DJ sets.

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In a comment, Damien, the MC of Ultra, explains how UMF continues to push the envelope.

"It's a five star experience for our artists, That's what separates us from most. We bring them in by yacht, we bring them in by limo. We have a gorgeous setting for our backdrop and an amazing backstage area with this big yacht. It really has a taste of class throughout the whole place and we just keep trying to raise the bar every year."

We also get a glimpse of what goes into producing the massive stage shows, with interviews from the pyrotechnician and the lighting crew.

Watch the video below:

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