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After Tragic Accident, DJ Forced To Use Eyes To Play Music [VIDEO]

DJ Eye Tech, real name Bram Harrison, is a radio host who has overcome severe challenges in order to strike it out as a DJ. Harrison has locked-in syndrome, a condition that leaves him trapped in his body, unable to control any of his muscles but his eyes. Using sophisticated computer technology, Bram is able to use his eyes to carry out many tasks, such as communicating, going online, and even DJing.

Harrison explains how he came to acquire Locked-in Syndrome.

"I injured my brain in a bike accident 18 years ago. Luckily for me, I can move my eyes and use my eyes to communicate."

He explains the role technology has played in managing his life with Locked-in, and reveals that much of the technology is being pioneered by himself.

"There has been a massive computer music revolution and right at the same time I control computers to open up the world. Much of what I have done is untried and untested. It makes things very stressful and difficult. It also keeps things very exciting."

Harrison describes his process curating music for his radio show

"Sometimes there is a message in the music I select for the show but not always though. If I like something I will play it and it could be from many genres of music."

Lastly, he expresses his gratitude for his ability to DJ with eye-controlled technology.

"Using an eye-controlled computer has been life-changing and producing my radio show has given me a sense of purpose."

Check out the video of DJ Eye Tech in action below...

DJ Eye Tech and the Eye Life Radio Show on Phonic FM featured on TV

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