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Krewella, Flux Pavilion, And 12th Planet Star In The Latest Episode Of Golf Cart Confessions

The latest episode of Insomniac's ongoing Golf Cart Confessions series has arrived, following around several of the hottest DJ's in EDM as they answer all sorts of odd questions. This week's episode features Krewella, Flux Pavilion, 12th Planet, Laidback Luke and more.

Asked why he makes his music, 12th Planet explains a few reasons he creates his art.

"I make it for me, I make it to be happy. I also make it to pay rent in order to make money in order to pay rent so I'm not homeless."

Asked about the weirdest dream she's ever had, Krewella's Jahan recounts a nightmare she once had involving strange equipment and not knowing how to use it.

"I had this weird dream that for some reason our mixer that we got was one from the eighties, this huge one that looked like it was a space ship controller. And I was like, "I don't even fucking know how to use this, fuck our careers are over.""

Meanwhile, Gina Turner reveals that one of her biggest regrets is the first time she got inked.

"I kind of regret my first tattoo, it's like a crop circle. I don't know why the fuck I got it, and I got it in the tramp stamp area."

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