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Local Mayor Makes Statement On The Future Of TomorrowWorld

After weather issues forced concert organizers to cancel the last day of TomorrowWorld to an estimated 40,000+ not camping in DreamVille, the annual festival has been under scrutiny from disgruntled fans catching the final day FOMO.

However, Tom Reed, Mayor of Chattahoochee Hills, is still in the festival's corner, stating that the festival is not banned from returning next year.

Mayor Reed explained why the major festival would not be banned from returning next year.

"We respect property rights here and people are allowed to do what's legal on their property, but they have to do it in a way that doesn't cause problems for their neighbors."

He then explained what the city is doing to make sure this year's issues aren't repeated next year.

"What we're working on is figuring out exactly what caused those problems this year and then setting up processes to make sure they don't happen again."

Meetings were opened to the public earlier in the year regarding the festival, but the city has vowed to notify residents about the meetings next year.

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