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France Ministry Seeks Minimum Wage For Artists As Solution To Industry Issues

The last time many of us saw French Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin, in the headlines was last year when she admitted in an interview about France's Nobel prize winning author, Patrick Modiano, that she didn't have time to read very much for pleasure. We're happy to report that the Minister of Culture apparently does have time, however, to address issues related to the music industry's struggle to fully digitize.

On behalf of the ministry, Pellerin presented a new agreement to parliament on October 2 that attempts to respond to and resolve the industry's loudest cries for help.

"the challenge is to make [the industry] more transparent and more equitable, sharing revenues between stakeholders and ensuring that it includes a fair return for the artists."

The agreement specifically outlines that one of the ways to do this is through setting a minimum wage for artists. This particular excerpt of the agreement reads as follows:

Phonogram producers will undertake individual and collective negotiations on the remuneration of performers, to give them a guaranteed minimum remuneration for digital exploitation of their records. This guarantee may take different forms, such as a minimum wage or a minimum proportional advance. The modalities and level of this minimum guaranteed remuneration will be fixed by collective agreement, who shall take into account the diversity of situations in the sector.

In addition to this point, the agreement seeks to establish greater transparency, support the development of legal music outlets and improve cultural diversity music exposure, among other objectives. Here are a few reactions to the agreement from other industry leaders, as reported by Billboard.

"The French music industry has shown great vision in embracing this initiative and I applaud them for it." - Alison Wenham, chair of WIN and CEO of the U.K.'s Association of Independent Music

“It is extremely positive to see the French government lead an initiative to foster the sense of partnership and trust between all parts of the music industry that the WIN Fair Digital Deals Declaration pioneered between Independent labels and artists." - Paul Pacifico, president of the International Artist Organisation

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