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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Native Americans Dish On Music Festival Fashion Trends [VIDEO]

This summer's music festival season incited a heated debate on cultural appropriation as trends in concert attire were viewed as making a mockery of ceremonial symbols and rituals. Whether it was intentional or not didn't matter.

It started with the banning of Native American headdresses at several festivals and culminated when EDM veteran and pop star crossover David Guetta was severely reproached for the Native American-inspired theme of his Pacha residency, which entailed models in barely-there tribal wear and elaborate headdresses riding horses into the famed Ibiza club.

BuzzFeed realized that is was ripe time music fans heard it straight from the source. So they got a group of Native Americans together to review real life examples of popular music festival fashion.

Watch the full video below to see what they had to say...

Cover photo credit: Marisa Matluck, Marisamatluck.com

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