EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

10 Soundcloud Accounts You Need To be Following

Finding new tunes and artist can be difficult when the white-washed platform called social media keeps us in a bubble, however, EDM.com always has your back. We run one of the largest multi-channel Soundcloud networks, and our team of music nerds spend countless hours scouring the internet for the most need-to-know unknowns.

Independent of our efforts, there are several tastemaker channels out there that we love and respect, so we feel the need to share them with you along with some of our hottest music.

Do yourself a favor and subscribe to these cats because these are the sounds of the future.

1. Secret Songs

Ryan Hemsworth's "Secret Songs" is like that girl from high school that's out every weekend and is always a good time. Check this one out for some of the best indie grabs from around the inter-highway.

2. Soda Island

"Time keeps on slippin', slippin',slippin' into the future." Slip with us and catch the future fever with Soda Island.

3. Type 91

*this is an EDM.com supported channel

With one look at "Type 91" it is apparent that drum & bass is making a huge comeback. Remember why we love it in the first place? These producers have some of the tightest production in the game. This one is for the face-melting addicts.

4. Vibewithit

James Cameron might be the only human to visit earth's deepest reachable point, but that doesn't mean you can't take it deeper. Vibewithit typically kicks it deep on the four on the floor, but delves into pop, hip-hop and future, so don't miss these sub-terranean selects.

5. The XXX

*this is an EDM.com supported channel

Fuck Netflix and chill. Let's be realistic; just throw on The XXX and bae's panties/scooby doo boxers will fly right off. You know what time it is.

6. Koala Kontrol

This one is for the hipster EDMers out there. Check out Koala Kontrol for some of the best indie and future bass vibes that shatter the earth's crust.

The emebed below is a playlist. If you'd like to follow Koala Kontrol, you can subscribe to the channel here.

7. Proximity

Proximity is a festival in a can. This channel covers EDM from left to right and always serves up the choice cuts. If you're reading these words, there is no reason why you shouldn't be following it.

8. Lavish

*this is an EDM.com supported channel

You can pimp out your clothes. You can pimp out your car. You can pimp your house, but if you want to pimp out your ears, Lavish is the only stop you need. Get a grip on the hottest R&B, future bass, and silky smooth jams with this one.

9. Suicide Sheep

Go to your best friend's basement. Dig below the floor. Find the underground dwellers and keep digging. That's how underground "Suicide Sheep" is. The tunes are across the genre board but they are all 10/10 would recommend. Just click pay and let the journey consume you.

10. Trap and Bass

The name says it all. If you need a better explanation, you need to turn up the volume.

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