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Scientists Figured Out How To Levitate Liquid Stars With Sound [VIDEO]

Science wins again. We already know how sound can impact our brains, bodies and psyches, but Scientists from Clemson University just figured out how to use sound to do some pretty mind-mending things to a drop of liquid.

These guys used an ultrasonic wave to literally levitate a drop of water. As surface tension kept the droplet in tact, the scientists played with the strength of the acoustic field emitted in order to excite and change the formation of the droplet, creating a cool star-like shap. Of course, too much resulted in a loss of surface tension.

Watch them use sound to suspend a drop of liquid in midair and create these stellar, star-like shapes for yourself...

Want to watch some more dope acoustic levitation? Check this out too...

[H/T vocativ.com]

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