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Science Explains How Dancing With Friends Improves Your Health

A recent scientific study is revealing why your dance squad is more than just your fam, explaining why dancing with others to a good beat has a bonding effect that can actually improve your health. The study seeks to understand why humans have a long evolutionary history of engaging in dance, and the effect it has on social cohesion.

The study indicates that when two or more people synchronize to the same rhythm and engage in the same movements at the same time, it creates a sense of bonding that connects people. When we experience synchronized movements in groups, it fosters a sense of trust and "oneness," instilling a sense of solidarity in the participants.

In addition to forging a sense of social cohesion, group dancing may invoke a chemical response from participants. Because exercise releases endorphins (the brain's happy chemicals), group dancing may result in a hormonal bond, as well.

Another interesting result of group dancing is the way it impacts our pain tolerance. A recent study put 264 young dancers to the test, breaking subjects up into groups of three who were instructed to practice different categories of dancing, such as synchronized and unsynchronized, as well as high and low exertions.

The study found that across the board, dancers who engaged in synchronized movements, both high and low exertion, exhibited greater tolerance to pain. Naturally, synchronized dancers exhibited greater group bonding as well.

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