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5 Chill Tracks That Are Going Viral Right Now

For those that don't know...'s parent company Artist Intelligence Agency maintains 32 different music channels categorized by genres, moods and tastemaker brands. AIA is currently generating nearly 90 million listens a month! These listens are compiled into charts that can be viewed on by the most viral tracks overall and by genre and mood.

Today, we're sharing the most listened to and liked tracks from the Chill channel. Here's what the listeners have chosen as the top chill tracks right now...

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1. "Slumber" ft. Kite by Odd Mob

For more from Odd Mob go here.

2. "On Our Knees" by R.O & Konoba

For more from R.O go here.

3. "L.A. Love Song" by XYLØ

For more from XYLØ go here.

4. "Dafty" by Oshan

For more from Oshan go here.

5. "And Breathe" by Gould

For more from Gould go here.


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