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Several Events Canceled As Sydney Police Crack Down On Boat Parties

Sydney Police are cracking down on floating raves, shutting down several major events over the Halloween weekend. Floating cruises have become a staple to Sydney Harbor's nightlife, but sensationalist fear of unruly behavior has been widely publicized in the area after police shut down Dirty Funkin' Beats annual Good Friday party earlier in the year, citing three overdoses, fights and assault on an officer.

A spokesperson for the police commented on the increased presence of floating raves.

In 2014-15 boating season, police detected approximately 30 ‘dance party’ events being held on vessels. Police subsequently responded to numerous serious incidents at these functions, including violent ­assaults, use of prohibited drugs and excessive alcohol consumption."

With police cracking down on the floating rave, many in the community fear these types of parties will be coming to an end. Here are the cancelled events so far:

4/10/15 Saturday MV Aussie Legend 12pm — 6pm King Street Wharf/Pukka Up Boat party
24/10/15 Saturday Good Time Hbr 12pm to 6.30pm King Street Wharf Blueprint Day Cruise
24/10/15 Saturday 12pm to 6pm King Street Wharf Rock the boat — A UK garage Odyssey
07/11/15 Saturday MV Aussie Legend 12pm — 5pm King Street Wharf Tension 8
14/11/14 Saturday MV Aussie Legend 12pm to 4pm King Street Wharf Raiders Tropicool Cruise

Christian Avant, owner of Dirty Funkin' Beats, took to Facebook to vent his furstrations over what he sees as discrimination against dance music events. Read his post below...

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