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Bill Nye Takes On Global Warming... and Collabs with an EDM Star

Bill Nye (the Science Guy) took to the Fast Company Innovation Festival mainstage this week to talk about singularity, climate change and STEM education. He was joined by Steve Aoki, as the DJ maintains a passion for connecting culture and science. The two shocked those in attendance by proceeding to write an EDM track together right there on the stage.

The track, titled "Noble Gas" and set to the theme of The Twilight Zone, is apparently inspired by Nye's passion around the scientific reality that we are all made of stardust.

"A strange and astonishing but provable fact is that you and I are made of the stuff of the cosmos... We are made of exploded stars and other rogue drifting-around material. Carbon, oxygen, iron—what's more fun than that? The Noble Gas song would start with exploding super novae, then lead to us. And that means that the fact that you and I are made of stardust is one of the ways that the universe knows itself."

"Noble Gas" is supposedly going to be on Aoki's upcoming album, the follow-up to his recently released Neon Future Odyssey. Nye is fresh off the release of his new book on climate changed called Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World, in which he poses a scientific solution to the global issue that is growing exponentially worse by the minute.

Nye suggests that we create white water in the oceans and use the mircobubbles to reflect light from the sun and send energy back into space.

"Bubbles persist in the water for hours or days, subtly reflecting more light into space. It's extraordinary but not crazy to propose a way to manufacture these microbubbles on an industrial scale.”

Nye is a firm believer that science and creativity go hand-in-hand. And while we are sometimes not as proud of Aoki's contributions to EDM, he’s promising that his next album is going to be a platform for exploring science and inciting real conversation... and hey, we can't hate on him for that! If he's using his celebrity to talk about matters of substance and significance, we can only be supportive.

"From understanding your brain—a massive mystery—to diseases that plague society to climate change… This album is not just a neutral space, but a chance to talk about more sophisticated issues than just raging at a festival.”

Source: Fast Company

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