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Belgium Sued Facebook and Won, FB Now Faces Fines of $269k a Day

Wanna-be Facebook rival Tsu is promising to pay you for posting content in an attempt to convert users over to its platform. Facebook responded by blocking the website outright so users can’t post about Tsu - immediately squashing the potential competition.

While Tsu’s attempt to take on Facebook seems hopeless, Belgium fought the social media empire and actually won!

Belgium sued Facebook Inc. for its privacy policy that violates local laws. The Brussels court ruled in favor of Belgium’s privacy commission, ordering Facebook to pay $269,000 for every day it goes without amending the policy.

The court ordered Facebook to “explicitly solicit consent and provide the needed explanations” if it wants to store any data from non account holders.

The social network ignored demands to stop storing personal data from people who don’t even hold accounts, claiming that it’s only subject to those privacy laws in Ireland, the home of its European headquarters. Facebook plans to appeal and in the meantime is focusing on making sure Belgian users don't experience any interruption in service.

The case has incited an investigation by the European Union, which will be using its 28 commissions to determine whether the policy violates EU laws, as well.

Sources: Wired, Bloomberg

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