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See How Skrillex Tries to Predict the Sound of the Future

For a special Future Issue, Ryan Bradley of New York Times sought out individuals whose job involves or entirely depends on thinking about and trying to predict the future. Bradley called upon the chief executive of FBAlliance Insurance, a synthetic biologist, an economist, the co-founder of a prediction company, a farmer and... Skrillex!

The idea they set out to explore is… no one can truly predict the future, so if your work depends on it... how the hell do you do it? Each one offered up their experience and insight, describing how they personally think about the future.

In Skrillex's situation, the question he has to ask himself as he tries to predict the future is "What do people want to hear next?" Skrillex has found that when it comes to finding the next big thing in music, he looks to what inspires him and what he often finds most inspiring is how younger generations are using and combining different technologies.

"The future is an accident. It’s an accident because you explore. You have to go through with a machete and just hack away and find it. You can’t see it — you just have to go somewhere you haven’t been before. It’s not even about being so far into the future; it’s 'How do you say what people want to hear next?' I’m always listening to what the younger kids are doing. The most inspiring stuff is what you find young kids doing online. It’s so raw. It’s, like, the singularity, the way children are interfacing with different technologies so seamlessly. I was in South Africa and went to this township, and the kids there had really cheap smartphones, and they could still build a window into another world, then adapt that to their culture. Some kids had D.J. gear in a little shack, and they were making this hack between house and African, like African house. Kids! Like, 8 years old. That’s where I’m getting ideas."

Check out the full article on NYTimes.com.

Source: NY Times

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