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EDM.com Spotlight

This Memorial Can Only Be Seen 1 Day Out of the Whole Year

For this Veterans Day memorial to reveal itself, multiple factors have to align just right. First, it has to be Veterans Day, November 11th. Second, it has to be exactly 11:11 am MST. Finally... it has to be a clear day.

Designed by Retired Rear Adm. Ron Tucker and artists Renee Palmer-Jones and unveiled in 2011, this pillar formation in Anthem, Arizona features a mosaic that works with the sun once a year to send a shadow on the ground surrounding a circular illumination of the Great Seal of the United States. Surrounded by bricks displaying names of military men and women, the pillars each don a different military seal.

"The objective of the Anthem Veterans Memorial is that the sun will illuminate every Veterans Day the glory of the American eagle mosaic which lay at the heart of the Memorial that is forever surrounded, loved and protected by our veterans." - Palmer-Jones

Fortunately, all five times since it was erected, it's been a clear and sunny day.

Source: Mercury News
Cover photo source: Photoremedy.me

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