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EDM.com Spotlight

Kill the Noise Just Turned Donald Trump into a Hamburger

EDM culture has generally shied away from getting political, focusing on feel good party vibes or broad appeal social causes that are unlikely to offend many fans. But with Kill It 4 The Kids (featuring AWOLNATION & R.City), KTN breaks that trend in the best possible way.

The claymation video depicts a not so subtle caricature of Donald Trump as power hungry real estate developer Tronald Dump, whose greed destroys communities, lives, and eventually himself. Along the way, the video takes shots at corporate capitalism, consumerism, materialism, factory farming, genetically modified foods, Wal Mart, and McDonalds.

In his big black limo, Dump rolls into a happy, healthy town and raises a massive skyscraper for his Big Evil Corp. He then pops out the roof of the building, firing a cannon that plants billboards with messages like "Your Life Sucks", "Money Is God", "Get Rich or Die", "Get Lipo", "Consume Now", and "Think Less Buy More" all over the town. The local grocery store is replaced with a Cons U Mart, and the local cafe is replaced with a McFatty fast food joint. And the conclusion of the video... just watch it.

Seeing a big name EDM artist make such a bold statement about a politician will certainly piss off some fans, but I think Jake deserves a medal for it. Artists have to live in this world too, and they have every right to use their fame to support what they believe in - or critique what they disagree with.

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